AOK VISIONS @ Digital Graffiti 2021​​

This year I was fortunate enough to attend and project at Digital Graffiti, per allowance of Brett Phares and John Colette, alongside fellow SCAD motion design peers. The work contributed consisted of two large scale projections: The Caliza wall & Entry-way North Buttery.


Fractal Horizons & Always Watching, are two short pieces I curated for the event on the Caliza building façade. Inspired by chaos theory, Fractal Horizons explores the nature of beauty in indeterminate outcomes. Long, flowy, abstract forms cascade across the façade to audio provided by John Colette, as an experimentation between light and form. Always Watching, is the second large scale projection, featuring an array of eyes gazing back upon its viewers, serving as an abstraction to digital consumption and social monitoring.


Digi Graff is a large scale projection inspired by the event name itself; created with intention of 2020 and projected in 2021. Massive spray cans roll and twirl about, accompanied by typography that signifies the multi-faceted collaboration between SCAD students and the Digital Graffiti event. This piece consists of two short-term playbacks projected on the entry way forms.