Who is A-OK?

How's it hangin? My name is Alex Campbell, and I am a visual concept designer from Raleigh, North Carolina. Currently, in my senior year, I am passionately working on a B.F.A. in Motion Media Design at the Savannah College of Art and Design. Right about now I am probably editing something, out on my long board, or eating sushi.


As someone with a DJ background, I am highly inspired by the electronic music industry and what it has to offer. There is something fascinating about the connection and energy music can generate between so many people from different backgrounds. That being said, I draw inspiration from the stories of others and music culture. I believe that whether it be solo listening or live performance, a whole new wave of how we experience audio-visual entertainment is coming. So in order to climb higher towards a greater vision, I strive to create visuals, projections, photography, videography, and writing, to show there is more than what meets the eye. My goal with A-Ok Visions, is that with the right motivation, determination, and creativity, any vision can become a reality.



Email: aokv.ac@gmail.com



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